We Are Not Alone
WE ARE NOT ALONE is a glimpse of the epic story of Unarius and the group’s exuberant, radically benevolent leader Ruth E. Norman, aka Archangel Uriel. Uriel took her ambitious collective of students on a quest to explore the mysteries of the universe and achieve personal transformation by producing a film library of wildly imaginative psychodramas. Prized by collectors for years, they are some of the most mind-blowing examples of outsider cinema. (Director: Jodi Wille; Producer: Liz Armstrong) Premiered at the Standard West Hollywood with press coverage in W magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, The Atlantic, The Creators Project, LA Weekly, Magnet Magazine, Racked, and more.

New Deep South
This series closely follows queer youth in Jackson, Mississippi and the Delta, shattering our usual ideas about the region's conservative traditionalism. I worked with creators Rosie Haber and Lauren Cioffi as a Consulting Producer, bringing the series into The Front and helped shape the concept from its formative stages.

Episode 1 - Instababy
The debut episode of New Deep South finds a couple in Mississsippi, the only state in which same-sex adoption is still illegal, trying to form a new family with the best resource they have: Instagram. This is the first in a series that shreds what we think we know about conservatism, tradition, family, and identity in the Deep South, shining a light on a vibrant queer youth scene in an area of the country we often dismiss. (Creators: Rosie Haber & Lauren Cioffi via The Front) Awards: Audience Award, Los Angeles Film Festival 2016; Audience Award, New Orleans Film Festival 2016; GLAAD Award nomination for Outstanding Digital Journalism 2017

Episode 2 - Kayla
Exploring the evolution of identity as young Austin considers what transitioning to a woman would mean in the heart of the Mississippi Delta.

Rogue Moments - Polly Wales

Reveling in stories where rebellion triumphed over convention, the Jaguar x Washington Post "Rogue Moments" series featured three radical Brits: Jewelry designer Polly Wales, music producer Harmony Samuels, and chef Richard Knight. (Story Producer: Liz Armstrong)  

Be Here Nowish

Two down and out girls seeking spiritual and sexual salvation head from New York to Los Angeles to see a guru. The first season of this original comedic web series premiered through Tribeca and was featured in Vogue, Dazed, i-D, Vice, the Guardian, New York Magazine, xoJane, and many more. I helped co-write the first season--and played a character too. (Creators: Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo; Writer: Liz Armstrong) 

Liquid Gold - Ep. 6 Sam and Nina must confront their actions and boundaries during a spiritual bootcamp. 

Off Hollywood
Off Hollywood is a documentary series for The Front that pays homage to those glorious entertainment news television shows of the 80s. Digging into the deep personal history of influential and under-recognized filmmakers, each episode gives insight into the multi-faceted allure of showbiz. The first episode, with Jem creator Christy Marx, premiered just in time to appease the angry villagers who are freaking out over her exclusion in the Jem & the Holograms movie. I developed this series from its origins as a written column, created by Jennifer Juniper Stratford. (Director: Jennifer Juniper Stratford, Producer: Liz Armstrong)  

Seeker Series

Saucony knew they wanted to create a short documentary video series around real people who are seeking something big in their lives, and who also run. People who might not necessarily call themselves "runners," because they do other great things with their lives, but have some sort of regular practice around it. I was called in to help locate subjects, dig into their stories, find the best angles, curate the material, and help develop the tone around the entire series. These two are my favorites.

We Can Do It!

Season One Producer of original creative interview web TV series We Can Do It! Featuring host Becky Stark with guests Andrew W.K., John C. Reilly, Jena Malone, Damian Kulash, Jenny Park, and more.

Directed by Peter Glantz of Imaginary Comany, with set created by Ron Rege.