My Cover Story for Inventory on Visvim Founder Hiroki Nakamura

Cheers to the print purists keeping certain stories locked in the tangible experience... though I do wish I were able to share this feature online! I had the cover story of culture and philosophical fashion magazine Inventory (issue #11).

Here's a quick summary/commentary from the essential architecture resource house and design firm A:LOG:

Along with a fresh new layout, INVENTORY covers one of the most iconic Japanese fashion designer, Hiroki Nakamura, in issue 11. The 19-page feature is composed of incredible photographs by Mark Borthwick and Keisuke Fukamizau, complemented with a pensive article by Liz Armstrong as she joined Nakamura and his wife, Kelsi, on Visvim’s Fall-Winter ’14 photo shoot in Canyon Country.

Opting for a genuine and timeless product lineVisvim is something of an anomaly in today's trend chasing culture. Nakamura prefers to let the material or artifice speak to his sensibility, giving traditional garment techniques a modern interpretation. Liz Armstrong summed up her interaction with Nakamura nicely, "A mantra has emerged: Daijoubu. Thats Japanese for 'it's okay' -- all good, no worries, its chill... Daijoubu, its not carelessness, it's acceptance. Everything is perfect, exactly as it should be. We're beyond Zen in the Visvim universe." His fluid process should not to be mistaken for lethargy; it is his incredible instinct and obsessiveness with materials that makes Visvim a special gem. 



-INVENTORY / Issue 11 

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