For several months I've been working behind the scenes, helping build and launch a new media platform called The Front. One of our big projects is Off Hollywood, a documentary series that digs into the deep personal history of influential and under-recognized filmmakers, giving insight into the multi-faceted allure of showbiz. (Director: Jennifer Juniper Stratford, Producer: me!)  The first episode, with Jem creator Christy Marx, is now up--just in time to appease the angry villagers who are freaking out over her exclusion in the Jem & the Holograms movie (which premieres today). 

The Front presents Off Hollywood. In the premiere episode of Off Hollywood, we meet Christy Marx, writer and creator of Jem and The Holograms, a new-wave cartoon featuring an iconic head of pink hair and a braininess that transcends glamour 'n' glitter, fashion 'n' fame.